La Ryder cup e l’identità europea ai tempi della Brexit.


La vittoria del #TeamEurope nella Ryder Cup di golf 2018, rilancia il tema dell’identità europea nello sport. Si tratta di una questione complessa, sul quale appena avrò tempo vorrei ritornare.

Nel frattempo però ho raccolto un po’ di articoli che affrontano la questione di come la brexit potrebbe influenzare la competizione.


30.9.2018: La Brexit et la fable de la Ryder Cup, “l’Opinion”

29.9.2018: For one big golfing weekend, Britains is at the heart of Europe, “The Guardian”

28.9.2018: The Brexit bogey: fans of Ryder Cup focused on putts, not politics, “The Guardian”

27.9.2018: Ryder Cup 2018: Thomas Bjorn denies anti-Brexit speech after rallying Team Europe in Paris, “Mirror”.

27.9.2018: British love affair with Ryder Cup to persist beyond Brexit, “Washington Post”

27.9.2018: Ryder Cup: anche Farage tifa per Europa, “Ansa”

27.9.2018: Thomas Bjorn denies subtle Brexit dig in opening speech ahead of Ryder Cup, “Independent”

27.9.2018: Bjorn says ‘Europe united’ at Ryder Cup amid Brexit tensions, “Miami Herald”

Thomas Bjorn: “This is the one time when Europe is united. This is the week more than ever that flag represents the boundary of this great continent (…) Europe can at times be a fragmented place, but when it comes to the Ryder Cup it’s different. When it comes to the Ryder Cup, Europe stands as one“.


21.12.2017: Europe’s captain Thomas Bjorn hopes for a Brexit-proof Ryder Cup, “Cnn”


30.9.2016: Euro or no? Ryder Cup 2016: What does Brexit mean for the Ryder Cup?, “The Sun”

25.9.2016: ‘Brexit’ Places the Unity of Europe’s Ryder Cup Team in Doubt, “New York Times”

25.9.2016: Brexit: Europe Ryder Cup captain Darren Clarke says referendum result ‘makes no difference’ to team, “International Business Times”

25.9.2016: Europe’s Ryder Cup team to keep EU flag despite Brexit, “Espn”

24.6.2016: Ryder Cup will not be affected by Brexit, insists European Tour, “SkySports”

2.6.2016: Europe’s post-Brexit Ryder Cup team, “Golf Monthly”




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